We have been travelling with Diego and his team from Wild Patagonia twice through wide parts of Patagonia both in Chile and Argentina. Each trip has been perfectly customized according to our needs and wishes, focussing on high quality nature photography which we follow on a semi-professional level. Thanks to our guides’ knowledge we were truly blessed with stunning moments both to be experienced and to be photographed – may it be pumas (cougars) at a kill, condors circling above us, orcas hunting, “portrait sessions” with foxes and owls or guanacos in front of an especially magnificent landscape.

A central part of each trip has of course been Torres del Paine National Park – one of the most beautiful spots on our planet. There we were based in a tented base camp that gave us all the flexibility to follow the rhythm of nature instead of a hotel’s schedule – whereas Wild Patagonia’s kitchen and hosting could easily match with any lodge. We left our campsite – situated in a place with one of the most breathtaking views of the park – and went on long excursions to every corner of the park, during which it became immediately clear that Diego and his team knew every single rock and animal inhabitant by their name. We doubt that there is anybody else knowing and loving the wilderness of Torres del Paine as much as they do – for sure there is no one equally eager and willing to share its secrets and vast beauty with his clients. Diego puts in all effort to comply with his client’s needs and only when everyone else is happy, he will be satisfied as well.

Although we like to discover new places and travel around the globe, Patagonia has already drawn us once to come back, and we’re quite sure that this hasn’t been our last visit.
You guys rock – thanks for being true friends down there!

Milena Piel, Eberhard & Philipp Hummel - November 2008 & March 2011